On The Road

 Dear everyone,

It's funny! After I finished my residency in Sweden I didn't have the intention to go back to Indonesia right away, because, well, I'm gonna be homeless. That's a fact. So, being a stubborn person, I just go with the wind and call this experience 'on the road'. Indonesian working class writer just being on the streets. Writing stuffs I experience along the way. I went to Vienna for the first time, then decided to jump to Istanbul. I bumped into 1,000 stories that I have decided not to write here because they become too personal and you know, every story is material to be written for me. Anyway, if you want to have a glimpse of them, you can support me in Patreon starting with a dollar a month! It would mean a lot for me. I just need to reach $250/month then I can live simply again back in my rent room in Tangerang Indonesia. I'm now on $53/month. You must wonder how can I travel when I don't have money. That's the funny part. Because I was just doing it and people welcomed me along the way. My time in Istanbul almost finished, but I have another place to go to already. Come follow my journey and extreme mishap I saw along the way! My Patreon


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