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In this coming-of-age novel four Indonesian high-school students seek to discover what their future will bring and find answers to their questions about sexuality. With characters ranging from cross-dressing hairdressers, drag queens, and rent boys to fanatic Muslims and low-life security personnel, the action of this tragicomedy moves between an Islamic boarding school and a gay bar in Jakarta, and in so doing illuminates the mindset and yearning of a new generation of Indonesians.


45 days before the world is ended, Herwin, who is narcoleptic, embarks on an adventure together with mysterious Aloysius, Lady Bazooka the performer and Dona the mother of the flower, onto pre-apocalypse world in search of his family.

Ratu, who works as a secretary of police attaché in a Korean embassy, is skeptical that romance story could happen to a girl like her, a fat, not-so-smart girl. Until one day a guy came to her house and ask to marry her.

Pram is an Indonesian writer who can’t seem to write. Poppy is a beautiful girl who can’t seem to care (about Pram). So he distracts himself by spinning a romantic tale of vengeance and karma to the customers at a bourgeois cafe. When Poppy goes to Kuala Lumpur, he and his audiences decide to follow a few days later, although he has no way of contacting her. 

Halo is a female character created by Pram, a self-claimed writer who studies in Oregon, U.S. He feels comfortable with his lonesomeness no matter what people say. All he does is writing until he couldn’t differentiate the boundary between reality and fiction.

Jajang is an effeminate high school student who got bullied a lot. One day the popular group in the school started to act nice to him.

A comedy about friendship between two high school girls who are dealing with rejection and decision.