Funny Short Replies Guy

Funny Short Replies Guy

On WhatsApp he is typing messages now,
But not for you.
Of course he is busy, he told you.
He is busy, busy only, only for you.
You're special what?
Look, he is taking pictures and sent them.
Surprise… not to you.
You are watching he is online and alive.
You angry what?

You just patiently waiting for him to reply your messages
That you have sent nervously
Arranging every word carefully.
Long funny sentences.

New year then came you got "OK" and "LOL".
Because that’s what you are:
The title of this poem, the short-replies guy.
You go to the corner of your room and whisper to the walls:
"I hope you will remember me when you are busy…
But if you could not do that, maybe
Just remember me when you are lonely…"
You stupid what?
It's like you are dreaming but your eyes are open
It's like you can be happy but you choose not to
What are you doing there?
Feeling unworthy, filthy, wrong and ugly.
But that’s what happened that's it.
And there's nothing you can do,
When he is just not that in to you.
(Nuril, 29/12/17)


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