Nuril Basri was born in a village in Tangerang in western Java, now in the province of Banten, in 1985. A graduate of the Islamic State University in Jakarta (Universitas Islam Negeri - Jakarta), Nuril has worked in a variety of positions over the years: internet cafĂ© manager, secretary to a police attachĂ©, private language tutor, mini-market cashier, and waiter on a cruise ship. 

His writing genre varied from bildungsroman, drama, adventure, to comedy and horror. His works have been translated into English and Malaysian language. Previously published works include: Halo, Aku Dalam Novel (2009); My Favorite Goodbye (2015); Enak (2016); Sunyi (2017); Not a Virgin (2017), etc. In 2017 he received grant from National Book Committee and Ministry of Education and Cultural of Indonesia to do writing residency in United Kingdom. For him writing means to escape and to relate at the sae time. He likes funny stuffs and able to ride motorcycle.