Nuril writes tragicomedy in form of autofiction, bildungsroman, and offbeat stories. His characters range from being very lonely, to queer and subtly eccentric. His works have been translated into English, German and Malay. Published works include: Not A Virgin (2017),  Gula, Gula, Gula (2022), Love, Lies and Indomee (2019), Rasa (2020), Halo, Aku Dalam Novel (2009), etc. His upcoming novel The Sewer Rat will be first published in French under the title Le Rat d'egout in 2023. 
Nuril was awarded a grant by the National Book Committee of Indonesia to complete a residency in the U.K. in 2017, then received a grant from Robert Bosch Foundation and The Literarisches Colloquium Berlin to conduct research for a novel in Germany. He is also the scholarship recipient to the AIR Litteratur program held by the Vastra Gotaland region to write his novel in Sweden in 2022. He likes funny stuff and the moon.

He was born in West Java, Indonesia, and raised in a staunchly Islamic community as a farmer. He was a cashier in a mini market, a salesman for an internet company, a waiter on a cruise ship sailing to Antarctica, a mystery shopper, a secretary for a policeman, and many things. 
Nuril is currently working on a draft from his 117 days journey 'on the road', being a human, fluid and Indonesian. Experiencing and looking into cities and people from Sweden to Sahara with only a few pennies in his pocket.

pictures © Keanuril Basreeves, 2022, for Morocco chapter