Small Little Thing

My heart is not my favorite thing anymore,
don't bother to look after it.

I have thrown it out to my yard like a dead cat.

I'm carrying a baby elephant crossing raging river,

surviving what I think we might still have.


Never a good mornings for me
No good nights

No bread or banana, how are you I miss you.

Or coffee or tea

Watermelon, persimmon or mangosteen

Or anything else in between.

I'm just nothing.

The physical separation,

Long kisses and company,

Laughter, sofa and TV, your empathy,

Rewinding those secret moments is like shedding my blood.

I'm washing the pain with my tears.

I'm strong but I'm weak

This hurricane of thoughts

I'm riding it like my wave.

They said to love is to learn to let go

Especially when you don't want to.

See me holding on to my grieves like dear life

Mourning about future loss dreams.


We don't have future you said,

We don't even have nows.

And past is only a past.

a fragment of life

we you soon forget.


  1. This poem is really lovely, and I'm wondering whether it's the first draft or it had been edited (because I think it's neatly composed, and I'm curious)

  2. perhaps this is the first draft, but i dont know how to edit it more. thank you so much.


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