I needed to prove something. That probably, the cause of my depression was my immobility. I have stuck in my room for a year now. The only travel I did was once to Jakarta city, with a train last year. So a couple of days ago I decided to cheat a bit and took a minibus to Bandung. The journey was five hours long and I was the only passenger. As I arrived, I checked into a hotel room and got to the 12th floor. And here's what I wrote:

"Everyone is viewing the rain through the window of their hotel room. 

Some are alone. Some turn on the light.

Some just waiting for someone would never turn up.

Through the windows, we are watching the rain."

And that's what I did. Spent the whole day in a hotel room with a TV cable, watching the rain. I enjoyed the minibus ride, but the depression lingers with me no matter where I was. It's not the travel, I discovered. There must be something else, and I want to keep looking.

Though I'm smiling, but remember, depression has many faces.

Keanuril Basreeves - latest selfie