HALO, Aku Dalam Novel

Title: Halo, Aku Dalam Novel (Halo, I'm In A Novel)
Language: Indonesian
Published by GagasMedia in 2009 
ISBN: 9797803597
Paperback, 302 pages
Genre: bildungsroman

Pram, an Indonesian student who is staying in a student dormitory in Oregon, feels content with his lonesome life even if other students think that he's weird. Then, one day, the characters in the book he's writing start talking and controlling him. Bizarre things happen.
The border between what's
real and what's not slowly disappears. Are you someone who believes that fiction can create its own reality?

"this book is incredible, it was able to 'anesthetize' me as a reader into the 'fantasy' that i never really liked... this feels like my biography." - Lavira, Goodreads.

"A light and brutal novel about existentialism."  - Dimas AT, Goodreads.

"It's a bildungsroman; or coming-of-age tale (for the non-Germans out there). About the burgeoning creativity and also sexuality of an Indonesian teenager who is studying in (of all places) Oregon. It was vulnerable and precocious; I loved the fact that so much of it took place in the laundry room..." 
- Amir Muhammad, publisher/movie director.