Tragicomedy, drama, Malaysian, Buku Fixi, 2019, ISBN13: 9789672128915
(currently available in Indonesian & Malay language)


Rasa is the tragicomic tale of Maya, an Indonesian girl who is always worrying about what should be the next step in her life now that she's almost 30. So she takes a job as a waitress on a cruise ship to find out what it is she really looking for, and of course, to see other parts of the world. But there's more than just waiting table and crazy menus to handle. On the ship that sails around Europe, she meets interesting people from all over the world, and one of them is Maroje, her first boyfriend, who might be a prince from Croatia.
Her story doesn't end with her all at sea.  Next, Maya flies to London to embark on another journey and manages to work as something that you could never haver imagined before!
*Clue: Soho streets!

note: Rasa is currently published in Indonesian and Malay language, the English version is available (translated by the author) and yet to find a home.

"RASA tidak akan mengecewakan para pembaca..." 
-  Goodreads.

"Watak protagonis, Maya dalam ‘Rasa’ membawa saya ‘merasa’ ke pelbagai emosi. Semestinya ada satu tahap dalam hidup, kita merasakan seperti mana yang Maya alami – mahu melarikan diri."
- Goodreads

another edition:
Rasa, Indonesian, GagasMedia, 2019