Title: Rasa
Language: Malay
ISBN13: 9789672128915
Published by Buku Fixi, 2019

Rasa is a tragicomedy tale of Maya. An Indonesian girl who always wonders and worries about next steps that she should take in her life now she's almost 30. She then works as a waitress in a cruise ship to find out what she really looking for. And of course, to see another part of the world. But there's more than just waiting table and crazy menus to handle. On the ship that sailed around Europe, she met interesting international people, and one of them is Maroje; her first boyfriend who might be a prince from Croatia.
Her story doesn't end in the sea, Maya then flew to London to embark in another journey and managed to work as something that you never imagined before!
*Clue: Soho streets!