Bildungsroman, Malaysian, 271p, Buku Fixi, 2015

The cynical amateur writer Pram is back. Now he falls in love with Poppy, a pretty barista. Sadly, the girl doesn’t feel the same way. Tormented by his passion to win her heart and find himself, Pram then spins a tale of murder and love to the his audience in a cafĂ©. When Poppy goes to Kuala Lumpur, he and his group follow her even though they don't know any way of contacting her. Will reality take sides against him this time? (This book is a separate-sequel to Halo, Aku Dalam Novel (2009)).

"It's inevitable that Nuril is a gifted writer... The main character in the story appears as a messy person who longs for love, in the end, he's someone that we never thought of..." -  Goodreads.

another edition:
My Favorite Goodbye, Indonesian, GagasMedia, 2015