Grandpa's House

My grandparents passed away few years ago. It is only couple days ago I decided to visit the old house in kampong. He appeared in my dream the night before (I don't recall the dream but I dream quite a lot). Looking at the remain of the house brought so much memories. The one I remember the most is that on every harvesting season I got this special duty to spread the freshly harvested paddy in the yard and to chase away the chickens and the bird. All afternoon, enjoying the very slow moving time until the maghrib time. When it is suddenly raining, I had to gather and put all paddy to the sacks. I was children then, eating guavas or kecapi I got from the garden in the backyard.

It is the house. Used to be bigger than this,  there were 11 people lived inside.

Backyard of mother's house. I used to be terrified by the ghosts that I believe inhabit this place.

Still the backyard of mother's house, kind of bamboo forest

If you go further then you'll face this thick bushes of wild plantation. I went through to recall the childhood, I ended up having so much itchy bumps.

If you go through the bushes, then you will meet this football field between the cemetery and rice field.

Mother and 1 visiting the old home. Funny how she shouted: "DAD!" when she opened the door to empty room.

I am staying at her house in the mean time, finishing my second novel of this year.