self worth

I've had experiences where I thought I made some good friendship with someone then I realize they wouldn't jump a puddle for me where I would cross the ocean for them. I think many times people took me for granted, that I'm easy, that I would linger on them no matter what. We love them, we're not going away. Or maybe it's because, usually, the closest person would very much look down us. To them we're not as interesting, not as smart, not as fun, not worth of their attention, not as mysterious, as they see in other people. That the grass is always greener out there.  Almost all our qualities are overlooked. They choose not to see how much we capable of, or cheer us to reach what we can.
It's funny, right, many times I expect support from people that I thought the closest, they seem like they don't really care. But when it comes to another person, they would overly eager to give some hands. To give some loves. To shower with attention. Going all the way, extra miles. Where the one who needed it most, they would leave on the curb, unnoticed. I think maybe deep down they think we don't really have values for them. 
That's why W.B. Yeats said "never give all the heart". Because people are never the answer. They are more problems. I've lost faith in human relations long time ago. And each time I believe it would be restored, the pattern just show again.