Two poems

 In retrospect of Allen Ginsberg, with his love for whimsy, travel, and reflections on love, I wrote this poem inspired by the phrase 'love is in the merde,' which is the heart of the work. The phrase conveys a humorous or cynical sentiment, suggesting that love is in a challenging or messy situation (sometimes, always, shitty). Both characters, one a wanderlust, and the other seemingly hopeless and a creep, share a sense of frustration and disappointment, yet approach the situation with a lighthearted action. The events happened on a nighttime on a peculiar incident, including the black cat named Baci. I'm using simple prose for simplicity to reflect the straightforwardness of the situation through word choices and style.

Leaning against a brick wall in the city
stood a boy with a black cat.
Worn-out white shoes had taken him
to Milan and Granadan.
in his backpack, the cat nestled .
I looked from afar to see his charm,
and the gleaming yellow eyes of his feline.
The master and the owner
a duo so rare
they stole me bare.
"I have seen more than just Milan."
"I have seen love, and it's in the merde."
"Circus-circus, I've trotted half of the globe," he exclaimed.
"Looking for love?" I chimed.
"But love is in the merde."
In the same beat, we said.
The cat meowed and then it hissed,
Onto me, she leapt.
The boy pondered and looked my way.
"I have long night ahead of me,
I'll take you if you promise,
not to leave me,
leave me astray,"
to the boy with the black cat I said.
And then we marched:
No grand gestures,
Merde, merde! Love is in the merde.
Nuril x

Check in.
what were you doing with your life recently?
coming to the store because everything is shining right.
eyeing the illusion of the neon lights
on the ceiling,
and you checked your pulse of your vein
and in your heart,
the right rhythm,
so feverish and maddening,
you try so hard for your luck
in love,
I saw you in the corner of the store.
your palms open, begging compassion
from people who passed you by
What you good at is to throw the lighter,
after you bathed the store with a bucket of kerosene
with the chips and candies in it.
That's what make you smile:
To see the fire.
Have mercy to yourself said the Fat Gandhi.
I pray to him every week.
he told me to not play with the mud,
which I have been drinking,
I thought they were the water.
x Nuril
5 Jan 24