Rasa, my latest work just finished its translation to Malaysian language and set to be launched during Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2019, which will be held in the end of March. Julie Anne as the translator and editor did her part super well, and Amir Muhammad as the Buku Fixi itself, has put trust in the work and me, will publish it. I am thankful to those two.

Rasa is a tale of a girl who always wonders and worries about next step that she should take in her life now she's almost 30. She then works as a waiter in a cruise ship to find out what she really wants. And of course, to see another part of the world. But there's more to just waiting table and crazy menus to handle. There, she met interesting international people, and one of them is Maroje, her first boyfriend who might be a prince from Croatia.
Her story doesn't end in the sea, she then flew to London to embark in another journey and managed to work as something that you never imagined before!
*Clue: Soho streets!

In tragicomedy tone, Rasa talks about possessive partner, domestic violence, trust issues, sex for the first time, working Asians, and funny petite girl. In light narratives and mood, this is my writing for you, who still and always wonders and sometimes feels empty.
Also, I am extremely loving the cover design by Aslah.

I wish Rasa will find its home in Indonesian and English language soon!

Until then,