RASA Indomee

The April 2019 is a wholesome unexpected journey, consist of uncommon happiness. 

The first one was Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair, Malaysia, which was where I introduced my latest work RASA (Flavour/Feeling) for the very first time. Then I have Writers In Attendance in Epigram Huggs Coffee Bookshop, a radio interview in Money FM, followed by the launch of Love, Lies and Indomee that took place in Singapore!

KLIBF has always its special place in my heart as it always surprises me. This year I got to meet with some readers who approached me and started with: “I have read all of your books.” Or “Please don’t go anywhere, I want to meet you.” Couple of them were actually flew to the place where I was just to say hi and talk a bit. It is hard thing for me to elaborate my feeling toward this, but most of them certainly is happiness.

After 10 days in KL I flew to Singapore for Writers In Attendance, the radio interview and Love, Lies and Indomee launch. That, also a wholesome new experience for me. Doing radio interview itself is terrifying and exciting at the same time. As a very nervous person, had to talk in English—which is not even my second language—is quite challenging. Even though the interviewer told me that the interview went very well, I honestly don’t want to re-listen to what I have said, haha.

The launch of Love, Lies and Indomee was a perfect intimate little gathering, held in Epigram Huggs Coffee Bookshop in 11 April. It was fun, funny, and very lively. I felt relaxed and got to be myself most of the time, sharing my dating experiences which I seldom told people.

This whole moment of April 2019, is precious gift gave by the all, hard work put by ones involved. I have never felt extremely appreciated for what I have been doing. Thanks everyone!