'Gentleman's Walk' for Walking Norwich page (National Centre for Writing).

This is a piece of writing I did for Walking Norwich page:

It was nine o’clock in the morning when I left the cottage in Dragon Hall to walk along King Street. The weather was nice, the sun somewhere behind the overcast sky, and I was pretty oblivious. I passed an alley called Swan Yard and thought that it was a very lovely alley, I like swans and how clean they are.
But what stole my attention was the shop next to it, called Courage|Noble. Standing outside looking in, I guessed it was a barbershop. So strange, I thought, at this time in the morning there were six people inside, three of them having their hair being cared for or cut. All of them were men. The three seated customers were very easy on the eye and the barbers had the same physical quality. I stood there for a while just admiring them, their pretty hair and their smiles, must be nice being them. It was like watching television with the big glass in front of the shop and all. I don’t know if one of them realised I was there, but even so, I would just have told them that I’m a tourist. And tourists gawk and stare fascinated at things. Probably they would be irritated but I could escape. Read more...