London & Norwich Not a Virgin Tour

I have just finished the book tour for Not a Virgin (Monsoon Books, 2019) in Norwich and in London, U.K. Stayed for two weeks to give talks, interviews, and meet with literary people. Exhilarating and very much tiring, but fun at the same time. I should've had posted the itinerary before, but somehow I lost in the visa preparation, which is kind of complicated for Indonesian.
Anyway, I did some radio talk in BBC Norfolk, a podcast for National Centre for Writing Norwich (in which I stayed in their cottage in Dragon Hall for few days), write a piece for Walking in Norwich, a college visit with the students, discussion with young literary ambassadors, panel discussion for Banned Book Weeks in National Centre for Writing, Q&A in SOAS university for NaV and Love, Lies and Indomee, visiting Goldsmith library, meeting with literary agent, translator, and a bunch of other things. The couple weeks went by so fast I think I needed more time! I am currently doing the second draft for Not a Virgin 2 (the sequel) and tried to write something in English. I just got back in Indonesia yesterday and my only phone is broken! Here are some pics from the events: