happy friendship day!

I remember that one night when I was in an event and I felt alone because everyone else was too different. Rich people in a rich venue and everything was very expensive, it was very depressing I couldn't afford anything. So I started to walk away and I felt how discarded I was I went to a mini market, bought a bottle of beer and started to drink and just sat in front of the minimarket under the awning, and then I wrote email to a friend that just like a brother to me. Told him of how I felt alienated and wanted to cry at some point. And in the morning he replied to the email with a funny text, trying to make me chuckle. And I was like, wow. That kind of friendship you don't find every day. Someone who tries to make you feel better but not in a patronizing way. 
I have a lot of nice memories with my friends. Friendship, for me, is one of the most important things. 
Happy friendship day this coming weekend!