New Draft

Dear friends, I just finished a novel draft, so please be happy with me. Please celebrate it with me. Maybe if you're happy with me I wouldn't feel so alone in my journey. I have never liked a draft so much like I like this one. It was offbeat, wacko, but sentimental at the same time. It's the only draft that actually got me crying during the writing. And it's in English, so if you have spare time and wish to read it, drop me your email. And if you're too busy, just congratulate me, that'd be lovely. ❤

I was reading a lot of Chuck Palahniuk and Tobias Wolff during the writing and British author Nigel Barley has helped me to edit it. And maybe if you know a literary agent or a publisher that might be interested in the draft will you please mention them to me, or me to them, that'd be very helpful.  I am in need in all the help that I can get. 

Sample writing is in my  Stories tab under title:

American Embassy

Just in case you want to listen to the soundtrack: