AIR Litteratur Vastra Gotaland Residency

I arrived the other night after three exciting days of journey from my village to where I am writing this now and it is my second day for my writer's residency program. A scholarship I received from Vastra Gotaland, Sweden. I was offered to stay in Tanum, at an artists' collective workshop, a place called Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad Bohuslän. I have too much in my mind I don't really know how to pour it correctly, maybe it will need some moments. My body is still biologically attached to the Indonesian time but my skin is peeling already. I think it's the cold weather. 

It's my first time in Sweden. I honestly don't even know how to cook the food, or how to pronounce the words. I am about to write the sequel to The Sewer Rat, I have three chapters in my mind that I want to deliver in this place but I can't help myself from turning my head from the laptop. Look at this leaves, look at that color, what is this plant? Oh, how peaceful I said, no noises, a room for my own? A hot water to shower! Ah! Two lovely people picked me up from the airport and treated me like a best friend, I was to tell them I am a prince back in my village, will they believe it? So cold out of my room now, I don't have any warm clothes, smoking feels like luxurious. I don't like to wipe my ass with paper. Where and how can I meet more Swedish people? I had plan to write, but now I am just gazing... gazing into these scenes, and wonder: this is too pretty, and I'm too ugly to be here.

I have yet to learn how to make coffee properly, and today I'm making spaghetti. I had missed my picked up to visit the library, so I walked outside to see the scenery. Sun is out, perhaps the last time this month? Hopefully not. It will be darker they said, but I'm looking forward, yes? I want to get dark with this place. More writing, more to come up ahead in more days. 28 days to go, make every second is another word put in the paper. Love, love is gone insane. I love the time finally. 

Here's for you to see, some sceneries, I wish you were here my friends: