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In this interview I talked a bit about The Sewer Rat, and the title of the sequel. The interview with me was in English, translated into French by my publisher.

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"I started The Sewer Rat in 2019 and finished it in 2020 with no intention of publishing it. It was something very personal, like a “frame” in which to hold my feelings. But I'm a bit of a narcissist and of course I've had people I know read it, just for the sake of the ritual. Then I met √Čtienne Gomez on Twitter. He had just published an interview with a friend of mine. I introduced myself in his PM, we started talking and one day I had enough confidence in him and I decided to send him the manuscript. I knew he was a publisher but I didn't expect him to be interested in it. So when he told me he wanted to publish it, I was confused. It took him a year to decide, then the contract arrived and then the translation was done quickly. It's a bit unreal, this first publication in French, but in the end it is for French readers that this book was intended."