"Le rat d'egout": Grand Prix Du Roman Gay Traduit 2023!

With such immense elation, I am deeply honored and grateful to receive the 'Grand Prix Du Roman Gay Traduit 2023', the Grand Prix for best translated gay novel in France this year for "Le rat d'egout". This recognition not only brings joy, also a layer of shock and disbelief in my pretty twisted mind! 

The significance of this award is a celebration of literature, my work, and of course stands as a triumphant moment for queer representation! I mean, Indonesian queer novel won the Grand Prix in FRANCE! HELL YEAH!

My heartfelt appreciation extends to the esteemed judges and everyone involved in this prestigious award Prix Du Roman Gay, including my translator, Étienne Gomez, and my publisher, Perspective cavalière. 

Writing 'Le rat d'égout' was an organic creative process which beginning and end I can't remember. All I know is that it frames some of the most delicate feelings I've experienced. 

Merci infiniment for embracing my work. 

Special thanks to Laurent Pascuito for the pictures and the everything. 

All the love and hail the Sewer Rat! This is for my fellow rodents!

I gave a brief acceptance speech about loneliness in writing queer stories, accepting my first award, friendship, and giving thousand kisses. Can be watched here Text translation by Etienne Étienne Gomez & Antony Thalien. Merci! Such a joyous moment, last night I drank mint tea with honey! May this "Le rat d'egout" keeps going on and on, and never come back!