the tip of your tongue

You see when you step outside of your room you start to see hundreds of other people, and even if you don't talk to them, you still can imagine what kind of lives they have, what their stories, if they're thinking about something else other than what's been painted on their faces. Maybe they're worried or happy, who knows ? But you can always wonder.
But when you stay inside your room, there will be only you and you alone, and so you can talk to yourself because there's nobody else, and so you will repeat the same questions, ones where you don't understand or have the answer to, again and again until it's enough although it will never be. You can go back to certain time to rewind the moments because you have too many space between your eyebrows. And you're just like that, every minute every hour every day inside your room, just talking to yourself and the loneliness is in the tip of your tongue.